Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.


Being an enthusiast, dedicated and passionate professional, I like to put Love in everything I do.
By doing so I can offer the best possible solution to your problem: being it a “simple” WordPress site or a multiuser Intranet application.

With a more than 30 years experience in software development and company management, I offer a 360° view that proved to be really useful when looking for solutions to the most complicated problems.

They said about me

We all remember the great visionary Ugo Grandolini. Ugo… I want to thank you for your extraordinary contributions to the flight sim add-on business… Read more

From the Labs...

My first App for iOS and Android is almost ready!

In the last two months I was busy developing my first hybrid application for iOS and Android. Half of the time was spent to get acquainted with some new (to me!) technologies like: the Ionic framework, … Read more

Easy multi-server WordPress configuration

In a professional environment to create a site for a customer, you usually need to work on three different servers: development, test and production server. Its easy to replace a working wp-config.php file with one meant for a different server, lets see how to use a single configuration file for all your project servers.
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How to use Google Web Fonts in WordPress

Does your WordPress theme use a Google Web Font? Do you know that a bug most probably prevents the font to be used? Yes, the bug is still present in WordPress 3.5.1 Read more