My experience in software development started at the beginning of the 80 and since then I kept evolving my skills. Nowadays I can be helpful when you need a new web site or a remake of your actual one, a mini-shop where to sell your products or simply some clues and ideas about how to make your site run quicker.

They say about me:

A caring person

Working for Ugo (and later *with* Ugo) has been both straighforward and rewarding: highly motivated, he always focused on things and aspects functional to delivering good products in reasonable time. His way to bring new ideas and/or to spur them from his partners or colleagues has been a great experience. He is also a caring person, who values highly the human factor both in things and in relationships.

Maurizio M. Gavioli, Programmer, Early music scores

A nice man to work with

I know Ugo for quite a number of years, mainly from his time as CEO and owner of LAGO, a software company making wonderful and innovative products for Microsoft's Flight Simulator series. My 'title' actually changed quite often over the years, and I worked with Ugo as Managing Editor of simFlight, editor at AVSIM, and competitor/colleague at my own software site. We always had a good and professional relationship and Ugo is a nice man to work with.

Francois Dumas, Freelance Multi-tasker

A great visionary

We all remember the great visionary Ugo Grandolini. Ugo... I want to thank you for your extraordinary contributions to the flight sim add-on business...Β Read more.

Pat Zoffreo, President FlightSoft

A great apporter of new ideas

Great worker, and great apporter of good ideas.

Claudio Carnino, Entrepreneur & Senior iOS engineer

A very good developer

Ugo have a very good skill and PHP, MySQL and Web Design.

Damiano Croci, CAD guru


Recently I rediscovered my passion for photography, here below you can see some of the latest images – to see all my public images click here and visit my page at

Tribute to Mr. Peter Coulson

Tribute to Mr. Peter Coulson

Peter (@petercoulson) is one of my favourite photographers, inspiring me with his sensual images where he uses the light in an incredible way.I recently bought one his workshops (Single Source Lighting edited by RGGEDU) and I felt in love also with his way to explain things and, especially, to conduct the shooting.This image does not pretend to be as good as a Peter's image, it's only an humble tribute to the Man – I hope one day to become a photographer as good as him.Peter selection on 500pxInstagram | About me


I'm curious to see if even this one is getting marked as Adult Content... πŸ™‚I'm not sure what are the rules to get my images marked as "Adult Content" – I think my last two images were automatically marked as Adult Content wrongly, perhaps the AI is using really strict rules.Instagram | About me
A lovely grandpa

A lovely grandpa

I fell in love for his look and smile!Instagram | About me
Refreshing act in Ontinyent

Refreshing act in Ontinyent

Last Friday I went to another wonderful parade with Vicente: this time the weather was hotter (almost 40ΒΊC) and the parade started quite earlier, around 5pm. These guys had were so lucky to perform in fresh water! Instagram | About me