My experience in software development started at the beginning of the 80 and since then I kept evolving my skills. Nowadays I can be helpful when you need a new web site or a remake of your actual one, a mini-shop where to sell your products or simply some clues and ideas about how to make your site run quicker.

They say about me:

A caring person

Working for Ugo (and later *with* Ugo) has been both straighforward and rewarding: highly motivated, he always focused on things and aspects functional to delivering good products in reasonable time. His way to bring new ideas and/or to spur them from his partners or colleagues has been a great experience. He is also a caring person, who values highly the human factor both in things and in relationships.

Maurizio M. Gavioli, Programmer, Early music scores

A nice man to work with

I know Ugo for quite a number of years, mainly from his time as CEO and owner of LAGO, a software company making wonderful and innovative products for Microsoft's Flight Simulator series. My 'title' actually changed quite often over the years, and I worked with Ugo as Managing Editor of simFlight, editor at AVSIM, and competitor/colleague at my own software site. We always had a good and professional relationship and Ugo is a nice man to work with.

Francois Dumas, Freelance Multi-tasker

A great visionary

We all remember the great visionary Ugo Grandolini. Ugo... I want to thank you for your extraordinary contributions to the flight sim add-on business... Read more.

Pat Zoffreo, President FlightSoft

A great apporter of new ideas

Great worker, and great apporter of good ideas.

Claudio Carnino, Entrepreneur & Senior iOS engineer

A very good developer

Ugo have a very good skill and PHP, MySQL and Web Design.

Damiano Croci, CAD guru


Self portrait, Valencia 2017

In 2017 I decided to change path in my life, leave the software industry and start a new life as a photographer. You can see what I am doing since then on my official web site.