My passion for photography started around 1977 and until around 1985 I used to shoot and travel with my Yashica FR and three prime lenses. At a certain point I only travelled for work and had not enough free time for photography – not to mention that I was tired to take all that extra weight with me πŸ™

More or less one year ago I visited a photo exhibition of Francesca Salice – some images are available on YouTube.

I was so impressed by most if not all the images and by the quality of the matte print that I started considering the opportunity to start again my photography adventure, almost 30 years later….

A couple of months later I was still so motivated that I bought a digital camera, a Sony a6000 with a 16-70 zoom and start to take photos again.

Meanwhile we moved to Spain where I just started a course about how to use flashes and get some bases about night photography, portrait, nude.

The Alien

The Alien

You can find my photos on Instagram and 500px

If you live in Valencia or the surroundings, or if you plan to visit the area and want to share a day to shoot together feel free to get in touch – I speak Italian, English and now somehow Spanish πŸ™‚