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We all remember the great visionary Ugo Grandolini. Ugo… I want to thank you for your extraordinary contributions to the flight sim add-on business.

Ugo’s visionary products inspired an entire generation of developers and CEO’s of flight sim companies. Ugo’s visionary products pushed the envelope of what was possible.

Microsoft Flight Simulator was a beneficiary of your inspirational achievements.

Take Care my friend.

Pat Zoffreo, President FlightSoft

Thanks a lot Pat to remember the glorious FS days! I had a quick look around and found some images and reviews of probably the most innovative product ever released as an FS add-on product: FSTraffic

Let me proudly show some other comments I’ve got for FSTraffic


This is a winner! You can run the shareware but who would want to. This is the kind of thing that all simmers will go ape over, and the ones who don’t normally use anything but freeware will weaken after being exposed to FSTraffic! If you want to see other aircraft of all varieties operating around you at ANY airport, complete with exterior lighting, moving parts, and accurate physics – then download FSTraffic right now. If you’re a fan of Flight Unlimited II or III because of its amazing AI aircraft but always thought Microsoft Flight Simulator was missing something – you’ll really love FSTraffic! Also, if you are into skydiving, FSTraffic has a little bonus for you.

FSTraffic gets a 98! Gotta go, time for some more TRAFFIC!
FlightSim.com – one of the most visited site at those times


This add-on is the best that has ever been created for Microsoft Flight Simulator 98/2000. This would be the best money ever spent on this game, I love this add-on, it does not eat frame rates but do be warned! if you create a track (this is the traffic at an airport) that has a lot of static aircraft and taxing aircraft it can reduce your frame rate a lot!
When you install this and have your first airport with traffic landing takeing off and taxing you will not be disappointed and even if you dont want the hassel of creating your own tracks there are many websites out there…

All I can say is BUY THIS ADD-ON! You will be very happy that you did!
Adam Waterfield – one of the thousands enthusiasts

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