Change of direction and I started my path in photography: the story continues at

At the end of 2015 my mother decided that it was time to go live a better life – this event hit really hard on me and after the initial discomfort I found myself self-employed as architect, painter, locksmith, mason, decorator, etc. to restore the apartment where my mother used to live to rent it to tourists.

Meanwhile I rediscover an old passion: photography – and as I am curious to understand how eBay works I start to sell an accessory to improve the quality of photos taken with the flash on the Sony a6000, a6300 and a6500 cameras.

Once the Artist’s Place project was finally ready (mid October) we moved to Valencia, Spain.

When not playing with the Ionic framework to create my first hybrid app I’m working at a new platform that will help to reduce bureaucracy related to managing of safety on construction sites.

December 2010 — December 2014
Working part-time with Seed – Lugano (Switzerland), a non-profit enterprise specialised in communication, education and technologies to help the emerging Countries.
The first task at Seed was to create an on-line game to make it easier to understand the concepts behind the “How to optimise the domestic budget” course.
In 2011 I developed a number of sites for other non-profit organisations. In 2012 I was appointed to develop a social crowd funding platform where friends of the godfather were invited to “share” an adoption as the godfather birthday present – the platform was created for the Italian branch of another non-profit organisation Terre Des Hommes.
Since 2013 I was also responsible for the technology aspects of InRuTou, an LLP European Project aiming to facilitate the development of sustainable tourism in rural areas.

June 2009 — December 2010
Cooperating at several different levels with Fotocomp – Como, a communications agency specialized in marketing strategies, I contribute to the analisys and development of the agency’s customer web sites, Internet/Intranet applications using my phpCAMALEO platform. During my cooperation with Fotocomp I started to familiarize with WordPress.

March 2008 — June 2009
Working for Progesoft – Como, a software house specialized in CAD technology.
I have completely rewritten the web site from scratch to improve its aspect, speed and features.
This position allows me to strengthen phpCAMALEO features on a site that has a good number of visitors (at least few hundreds in every moment); moreover the phpCAMALEO engine is now ready for non-latin characters languages like Chinese, Russian, etc.

October 2007 — February 2008
Working for JuniorBit – Milan, an Internet development company in Milan, where I help to develop new features in a site offering to paying customers the complete collection of Italian laws.

March July 2007
Working for IperMedia – Milan, a new media agency and Internet development company in Milan, I get the opportunity to test phpCAMALEO on a couple of commercial projects:

  • The CMS in use to manage the contents of the Italian branch of Indicod, the world-wide organization taking care to manage the bar code system;
  • An e-commerce site that will be used to sell food specialities in the B2B in the B2C.

I have also produced the analysis used to develop an Internet/Intranet project to handle the Giochi Preziosi’s TOYS Center fidelity cards. The project act as an interface in a complex environment build on the card’s dedicated site, the Company information system and the IperMedia’s prizes/fidelization system.
Giochi Preziosi is one of the biggest players in the toys industry world-wide.

2006 — 2007
Developing several open source projects with a focus on phpCAMALEO — my personal platform on top of which I am planning build new products in the future; Created an extention for the phpBB forum engine in order to help the battle against the spam.

I start to study how to program dynamic Internet sites using PHP, MySQL and JavaScript. While studying I use my new skills to complete an innovative project in the flight simulation business with an associated. I am the only responsible to the web site analysis and development and the final version was released on November 2005.
The project and its site are now ended as Microsoft decided to discontinue Flight Simulator so there is no market anymore.

I work in the kitchen of a small vegetarian restaurant. It was a very interesting year where I learned a lot of things about what it mean to be a chef and also about myself.

2001 — 2003
LAGO is sold. I develop the invoicing information system for Why Not a model agency in Milan. The software is developed on the IBM System/36 and then migrated to the AS/400.

1993 — 2001
LAGO starts developing, producing and distributing add-on packages for Microsoft Flight Simulator (the most sold simulator in the world). Thanks to the top quality of its products, LAGO receives several international awards issued by magazines, associations and dedicated Internet sites allowing the company to consolidate its market penetration in the key industry markets, including the United States of America and Japan. Shortly LAGO becomes a reference point for thousands flight simulator enthusiasts. In the 2001, the company has released more than 50 titles and consolidated more than 10.000 customers all over the world.
Responsibilities and duties are extended as follows:

  • Giving inputs and paths, coordinating and supporting the development team: from the conceiving of the product to the final release.
  • The team is made by about 20 people, located in different Countries of the world.
  • Research, handling and coordinating the suppliers involved in the production process: translators, printers, media duplication, assembling.
  • Conceiving and creating manuals, boxes, installation programs, advertisement, catalogues and the Internet site.
  • Cooperating in handling all the company contracts.

1985 — 1992
LAGO becomes the main software mail-order company in Italy.
In this period my duties are extended to the conceiving and creation of the marketing material (advertisement, catalogues, manuals layout, etc.). Meanwhile I work to update the information system maintenance to keeping it aligned with the new company needs.
The information system, running on an IBM System/36, is the core of the Company — thanks to this software we can optimize the structure and keep the needed resources at the minimum.

I set up a company, LAGO, initially committed to import and distribute video games in Italy for the Commodore 64 and the Spectrum.
My main duties are to conceive and develop the company information system as well as research the right products to import.

1981 — 1984
After my first course to learn how to program in BASIC, I start my carrier as programmer developing management software on IBM systems. Soon I am employed also as analyst.

Technical Skills

PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, HTML/DHTML, CSS, InstallShield, BASIC, RPGII, OCL.

Ionic, Bootstrap.

I like to work with APIs and also have some experience with PhoneGap Build.

WordPress, Camaleo D (formerly phpCAMALEO) developed by me it allows to create a simple to use interface that lets users to quickly handle data and files on a web based server.

Packages used for development – Mac Mini & MacBook Air
PhpStorm IDE, Navicat, Versions, Kaleidoscope, Photoshop, Camtasia, Pages, Numbers.

Known browsers
Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera – all the latest released versions.

Operating systems
Macintosh (OS X and macOS), Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS), Windows, IBM SSP and OS/400.

To find out what I am doing after 2017 visit my official web site.