About me

Ugo Grandolini

Ugo Grandolini

Born March 15th, 1961 in Como (Italy) I lived most of my time in this place – since the end of 2016 I moved with my family to Valencia (Spain) where we started a new chapter of our life. We went back to Italy on 2018.

Until now, life was generous with me letting me travel in many places, knowing several people from different Countries and expanding my soul beyond the hills surrounding the village I used to live.

I am a simple man who cares to put Love in everything he does. My main interests – beside my family and my beloved dog – are music & technology. In 2016, while visiting a photographic show,  I discovered a new passion: photography! Since then I bought a camera with some lenses and started taking photos again. As we were planning the move to Spain I took a series of images of Como “with the eyes of a tourist”.

Italian is my mother tongue, English my second language and since I’m being married with a wonderful South American lady I can also have conversations in Spanish.

A bit more in depth

When I was a child I dreamed to be able to help the world – I still remember “battles” for the respect of the environment from the primary school.

During my high school studies I started to love technology. At the beginning of the 80 I took a programming course in Basic and at the end they found me a job as software developer (on the IBM System/34 !) – since then I learned to always look ahead, to analyse and try to prevent problems.

It’s not by chance that the slogan for the company I founded few years later and carried on for twenty years was: “Looking Ahead”. And thanks to this philosophy, combined with the ability to adapt the vision to the upcoming changes, I was successful.

In this particular period we are experiencing a new cultural revolution that will lead us to change many aspects of our lives. In my opinion, we are moving from a society where “being is based on what one has” to a society where “I am because I have something to offer that will be shared with everyone”, a revolution that will change our way of life in many ways.

I think that finally we begin to glimpse a new awareness, and the competitiveness that has characterised the past and which led to the results we can all see – both from a standpoint of non-growth as human beings as well as the environmental degradation – is giving way to new forms of coexistence between people all over the world that, over time, will lead to improve the quality of life for all and as far as possible, some recovery of the environment and values that appear to have been forgotten.

Thank you for reading!