OSX Lion is here!

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OSX Lion is here!

OSX Lion is here!

OSX Lion, MacBook Air and Mac Mini with Intel Core I5 and I7 released!

I really like to see the new mail:
OS X Lion introduces a whole new take on email. Mail puts your entire display to work with a gorgeous widescreen view featuring a full-height message and a message list that includes snippets. Conversations presents messages from the same thread in an elegant timeline showing each communication as it was sent while hiding redundant text. Mail also features search suggestions and search tokens, which help you find the messages you’re looking for fast. And a new favorites bar gives you easy access to the folders you use most often.
More info

And Lion Server is now only $49.99 – a temptation price to give it a try πŸ˜‰

How to backup the Lion installer? Here is the full guide

After having just completed the download the installed is automatically launched.
Now the first question is: where the installer is located?
Easy answer, check the “Applications” folder where you will find the installer: “Install Mac OS X Lion.app”

So you can also backup the installer simply by copying the “/Applications/Install Mac OS X Lion.app” file to your preferred media (DVD, USB key, etc.).

As easy as it can be!

More news after I run the update that will happen not before that the next weekend…

First impressions (after one week of use)
I am not impressed: everything looks like to run a bit slowly, sometimes even more than a bit…

Having some troubles in handling the second monitor when I use a full screen app on the first, basically the second one gets unusable.

Mail is nice, found a way to use GrowlMail as well but sometimes it seems that all my emails are lost as they disappear form the list. Suddenly they come back after a while.

Applying a new rule or re-applying old rules seem not to work properly.

Impatiently waiting for a fix to both issues and, hopefully, to get my Snow Leopard speed back.

After almost one month use
This morning Apple released the first upgrade (10.7.1). Immediately installed and it looks like some problems are gone away and the system looks a bit faster. Will let you know later.

Meanwhile, I found some tips about Lion that are worth to share. It make sense to spend some time reading them, I found several clues about how to make life easier with the big cat πŸ™‚


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