Problem when sending emails with Contact 7?

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Last week I faced a problem with the WordPress plugin Contact 7.

As usual I set the sender email address to the [your-email] variable to let my customer quickly reply the incoming email by clicking on the reply button.

When testing the form – yes you always need to test the plugins you install even if you have already installed them tons of times! – the plugin was not able to send the email and was always issuing the “Failed to send your message” within the red frame 🙁

Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact administrator by other way.

Googling around I found out many people suggest to install another plugin just to send emails.

For security and speed reasons I like to install the minimum number of plugins, so I spent some time to find a different solution.

At the end I found out that the anti-spam settings on the server were preventing the email to be sent as the email address was, obviously, on a different server.

The solution is very simple. In the From field use an address in your domain and add a Reply-To header in the Additional headers field, like in the following image:

That fixed the problem without installing an additional plugin!

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