First class translations

First class translations

In concertation with my client TCS, we decided to call upon the services of ICanLocalize to increase the availability of their website from Italian to English, German, French and Chinese.

Once the translations were completed we noticed an increase in traffic with pages in Chinese, French and German proving to be a hit with customers!

The affordability of the prices combined with the responsiveness of professionals, always available and ready to help, providing quality localization in a timely manner, made the collaboration with ICL not only easy but effective, showing already a positive ROI.

Giuliano Sala, TCS’s owner, is really satisfied with the services offered by ICL and its localizers that has decided to soon further expand the localization of its website in Japanese, Russian and Portuguese.

I am also happy as the entire translation process can be done trough the site dashboard with few minor manual changes – basically due to the theme we use.

If you need to translate a site to one or more languages you should definitely give ICL services a try.

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